Oil Technics

Country of Origin: UK-England
Distributor / Agent Regions: Middle East

Product Brief

a. Oil & Gas Sector
b. Industrial Cleaning

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Oil & Gas Sector

The operations offers the following lines of products to support the services, through environmental friendly product lines

• OCMS registered rigwash
• Absorbents – Oil only, Non aggressive fluids, Hazardous chemicals, wipes, Static resistant, Separators & Bilges and Marine

Spill Containment

• Fire Fighting foams
• Spill kits & pallets
• Offshore Disinfection

Industrial Cleaning

Separator Friendly cleaning chemicals that quickly remove oil, grease and coolants. Suitable for cleaning both Industrial

Floors and Engineering Components.

- Industrial floors
- Industrial wipes
- Forecourt cleaning – reduces oil discharges by 95%
- Industrial components - A proven range of Industrial Degreasers that rapidly remove oil, grease and emulsion

Contamination from Industrial Components.

- Aerospace – In this range we offer

• Aircraft and Aerospace Component Cleaning
• Electrical & Precision Cleaning Solvent
• Secondary Cleaning of Aerospace Turbine Blades
• Removing QC marking, Fingerprints and Sealants
• Removing Sealants, Adhesives and Bar Code Overprinting

Industry /Client Affiliation

Client/Industry Categories
 • MOI - Ministry of Interior
 • MOH – Ministry of Health
Spill Kits and Containment
Fire Foams
 Industrial sector
 • Oil & Gas
 • Manufacturing
Spill Kits & Containment
Industrial Cleaning and Bio remediation
 Hospitality and Medical
Restaurants and Food chains
Private laboratories and clinics
Spa centers
Alcohol free Hospital disinfectants
Chlorine free Disinfectant tablets
Sporicidal active-wipes & hand sanitisers

For more info visit  www.oiltechnics.co.uk

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