Bio Technics

• Country of Origin: UK-England
• Distributor / Agent Regions: Middle East

Product Brief

A specialist range of high performance products for the disinfection, stain and odors removing products for home, HORECA and public places Our innovative products offer an alternative to traditional bleach and alcohol based products and are
A first response for decontamination of C.Difficile, MRSA,TB,SARS and Norovirus infections in hospitals and laboratories.

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Health & Hygiene

We offer in this range alcohol free line of items for disinfection, degreasers, grease interceptors that can be used in:

• Hospitals - Sporicidal Hard Surface Disinfectant ? Oxidizing Powder
• Food hygiene - High Level Hard Surface Disinfection High Level Hard Surface Disinfection
• Animal Hygiene - UK DEFRA approved animal hygiene line of items


Powerful & effective Alcohol , Caustic & Alcohol free
Environmentally friendly Bio degradable
Approved to international standards Vegetation society approved



Client/Industry Categories
• Government
- Public Utilities
- Community/Social-halls (weddings,meetings)
- Hospitals
- Dormitories- jail houses(MOI)
- Multi purpose surface cleaners
- Biological cleaners / TCD's
- Biological odour removers
- Biological disinfectants
- Sobo HG-Multi purpose surface cleaners
- Anti BAK Powder, tablets &wipes
- Chlorine free Disinfectant tablets
- Alcohol free hand sanitiser
- Antimicrobial Disposable cubicle curtain
- Anti Bak Pro- intermediate level disinfectant
- Pre-cleaning / HL cleaning of Endoscopes
• Hospitality and HORECA
- Restaurants and Food chains
- Dining Facilities
- Commissary
- Kitchen
- Anti BAK range for surface cleaners
- Chlorine free Disinfectant tablets
- Anti Bak residual
- Grease control liquid / pillows


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