Our services have extended into the Environmental Remediation Services for Soil & Water contamination solutions to treat hydrocarbon and organic contamination performed In-situ or Ex-situ Sub-surface Treatment Injections (P&T), Surfactant Enhanced Oil Recovery (SEOR), Waste Water Contaminated Liquid or Enhanced Soil Remediation/Bio-remediation Treatments (Soil Washing) and Bioremediation for the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Maritime, Aviation and Commercial sectors.

AFGI’s environmental sector is focused on providing remediation technology development solutions services in soil remediation clean-up, having applications in various industries including but not limited to the field of light non-aqueous phase liquid remediation, dense non-aqueous phase liquid remediation, heavy metal remediation, tank cleaning, primary and secondary oil recovery applications, off-shore clean-up, shore-line clean-up, non-aqueous phase liquid degreaser, enhanced bioremediation, enhanced chemical oxidation, treatment of naturally occurring radio-active materials (NORM).

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