PEB Structures

As client demand got more complex, the Company takes great pride in being a Certified Builder & Supplier providing non-compromising quality and favorable delivery lead times with overall cost effectiveness.

Through our previous & current appointment we offer the following:

- Structural steel buildings - Warehouses, maintenance facilities.
- Equipment support structures.
- Pipe Racks.
- Air and Gas ducting.
- Built up Grinders. 
- Steel Columns.

- Business towers.
- Convention centers.
- Stadiums.

The team work, with the expertise performed in the form of:
- Design Engineering.
- Manufacturing - Steel structure.
- Construction Erection

The benefits of the association are passed on to the client in the form which add value to the project turnover:
- Earlier occupation.
- Reduced risk.
- Larger column free space.
- Future proof investment.
- Advanced technology.
- Sustainable Construction.
- Cost effectiveness.

Project Management

The project management is done on both frontiers as the designers and manufactures and AFGI as its CERTIFIED ERECTORS.
The PROJECT MANAGEMENT department within the organizations relies on a team of experienced engineers and highly trained professionals throughout all the phases of the project Planning, Execution, Delivery and Erection. Our project team has the skill and experience to meet project demands and anticipate issues before they become problems.

The main bench mark that translates all the success is:
- Ongoing monitoring the project.
- On time resources allocations.
- Availability and scheduling of requirements.
- Skilled and matured team.

We create values as we work with you to ensure cost effectiveness, sustainable planning, designing, manufacturing and erection of steel structural steel.

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