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AFGI’s procurement organization provides clients with global procurement resources,market knowledge to offer reliableproject deliveries, innovative performancesolutions, and project savings. Strategic Sourcing: AFGI’s product and service offerings achieve client objectives by ensuring the most Cost Effective, Highest Quality and Technically Acceptable solution for materials, equipment, and services. To provide products and service to our customers we have developed key locations to source different products from the global market which gives us a competitive edge

In order to meet the market demands we established strategic partnerships in various markets around the globe to source material and supplies from emerging markets. Partnerships from Companies such as HI‐Force Tools, Biotechnics‐Oiltechnics (Bio & Chemical Products), Ivey International Environmental Solutions, Superior Tanks, Simpo Furniture.

Since our company is strategically located and has vital life support products and services with presence in Kuwait, responsive service and delivery on short notice.

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